Electronic ballot delivery
and marking

To comply with the 2009 MOVE Act, Utah turned to Everyone Counts’ solution, which required no special processes or equipment and was fully integrated into the existing voting system. The simplicity of the solution reduced errors, increased access, and was available to UOCAVA voters ahead of the MOVE Act schedule. Utah Election Director, Mark Thomas, called Everyone Counts’ ballot marking solution a “success.”

Election Solutions Deployed

eLect® Remote Accessible Voting: Online ballot marking with voter-verified paper return

Utah and Everyone Counts

  • 2010 general election
  • Participating counties represented over 70% of Utah’s population
  • Met requirements for Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), Utah, and participating counties

No Special Processes Required

  • Standard absentee registration form
  • Voter data exports provided by election offices using existing systems
  • Ballot styles provided using existing systems, including PDF files

Eligible Voters

Military and overseas

    Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)

    • All requirements met and successfully delivered
    • Election site live one day early
    • Seamless integration with existing processes

    Liked By Voters

    100% of survey respondents said they would use the online solution if it were offered again

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