South Dakota

Statewide Common Access
Card (CAC) Military Voting

South Dakota partnered with Everyone Counts in the 2014 federal elections to pilot a fast and user-friendly means for military voters living overseas. Aimed to increase voter participation, the system reduces the voting cycle time from more than 60 days to less than 5 minutes. The system uses the military’s ubiquitous Common Access Card (CAC) to authenticate a voter, providing a high degree of security. Using Everyone Counts’ eLect® system, South Dakota’s military members can scan their CACs at their local polling station on base and immediately register, submit an absentee voter form, and receive their county specific ballot to mark and mail back.

The successful pilot resulted in The Council of State Government Overseas Voting Initiative Technology Working Group recommending the use of CAC cards for UOCAVA voter authentication. 

CAC Authentication


Eligible Voters

Military members overseas


  • Integrated with South Dakota’s statewide voter system
  • Online voter registration form submission
  • Online absentee voter form submission
  • Secure voting through CAC authentication
  • Online ballot marking, verification, and printing


  • Reduced voter cycle time from more than 60 days to less than 5 minutes
  • Increases voter participation due to ease of use
  • Less paper submission and wait time


  • Highly praised through thorough end to end testing at several South Dakota National Guard installations for its ease of use
  • Vast majority of participants who haven’t voted in the past would use this system to vote
  • Vast majority of participants find the system intuitive and are able to fill out the forms and perform ballot marking in minutes

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