eLect® Remote
Accessible Voting (RAV)

Secure absentee ballot for military,
overseas, emergency, and voters
with disabilities

eLect Remote Accessible Voting (RAV) provides voters with ballot access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, using their preferred browser.

With efficient, secure ballot delivery and optional secure electronic return, the eLect Platform protects the right to vote of overseas, military, and voters with disabilities by giving all voters access to accurate and reliable balloting while reducing administrative burden. 

  • Voter accessibility anywhere with secure, auditable electronic absentee ballot delivery
  • UOCAVA, MOVE, HAVA, and ADA compliant
  • Patented automated ballot transcription processes for tabulation-ready ballots
  • Configurable to meet election needs and future legislative requirements

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Privacy and Ballot Data Protection

Modern security protocols bring security and auditability to absentee voting. Data transmitted between a voter’s browser and the election server is encrypted to keep information safe and secure during transactions. The protocol prevents and detects eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery. 


Truly Accessible Absentee Voting

Third-party compatibility with screen readers and adaptive accessories empower voters, regardless of ability, to accurately mark and cast their ballots independently and privately. Regular updates ensure that eLect is compliant with new ADA legislation, such as amendments to Title II.


Save Money, Time, and Errors

eLect is designed for ease of use for both administrators and voters. An intuitive interface guides the voter through the on-screen marking, including write-in candidates, limiting risk of voter error. The solution is HAVA-compliant, prevents over-voting and alerts voters of under-voting. 


Transparency of Process

The logging of all events provides unparalleled levels of auditability, and reporting intervals and report contents can be customized. Everyone Counts’ Professional Services team monitors and controls all Help Desk activities and provides aggregated reports.


Remote Accessible Voting (RAV) Serves All 

Whether for Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting, voters with disabilities, hard-to-reach voters such as emergency workers or displaced voters, or as a secure and auditable alternative to traditional vote-by-mail, RAV is a versatile tool that serves the most disenfranchised voter populations while raising the security bar for independent, private, and accessible voting from anywhere.


Absentee Voters


Military/Overseas Voters


Emergency/Isolated Voters


Voters with Disabilities


Simple Solution for Deployed Military

Military members can use their Common Access Card (CAC) to immediately register, submit an absentee voter form, and receive their precinct-specific ballot conveniently and securely.

This technology streamlines the 60-day process of registering, requesting, receiving, marking, and returning an absentee ballot into a transaction completed in under 5 minutes.


Flexible Return Options

RAV can be configured to accommodate:

  • Traditional mail return
  • Secure, encrypted digital ballot return and tabulation
  • Encrypted digital ballot package for Central Print™ and Automated Transcription
  • DMV signature database integration for affidavits

Transcriber™ Ballot Remaking

  • Patented Transcriber barcode allows automated ballot transcription generating tabulation-ready ballots
  • Utilizes industry ballot-on-demand printing integrations
  • Contains no personal identifying information
  • Eliminates manual processes and reduces labor costs

Administrative Efficiency

  • Centralized dashboard control
  • Creates ballots with familiar tools, such as drag-and-drop functionality, adjustable slider scales, calendar widgets, drop-down menus, and clear and concise directions
  • Integrates and imports from other election management systems and tools

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