Springwater Retains Everyone Counts Electronic Voting for 2014 Municipal Elections


Springwater Township – The Township of Springwater, Ontario selected Everyone Counts® to implement an electronic voting system for the October 2014 Municipal Elections. The contract was awarded following a rigorous search by the Township for a state-of-the-art alternative internet and telephone voting solution. The Everyone Counts eLect® voting system will be available for Advance Voting and on Voting Day to enhance access, increase usability, and improve the overall voting experience for the citizens of the Township of Springwater.

Providing the option to vote by internet, phone, or in person will increase the efficiency of our administrative resources while simultaneously empowering voters and simplifying participation methods. Voters will now have the ability to securely access, mark, and submit their unique ballot from any internet device – including personal computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, such as Blackberry and iPhone, and even gaming devices, such as Xbox and Wii.

John Daly, Director of Corporate Services and Clerk for the Township of Springwater announced, “through Council's leadership in seeing the benefits for rural communities, we are committed to providing our residents with the very best in accessible, secure, and innovative solutions for voting. Everyone Counts® has a demonstrated a proven track record in working with government election administrations globally to implement secure and convenient voting solutions. We are pleased to have them as our partner to ensure delivery of the best possible election experience for our 2014 Municipal Elections.”  

“We are honoured to have been selected by the Township of Springwater to provide our state-of-the-art accessible, secure, and cost-effective voting system,” said Lori Steele, Chairman and CEO of Everyone Counts, Inc.® “Our Company was founded to set a new standard for security, accessibility, and transparency in elections. We look forward to serving the voters of the Township of Springwater to ensure that each person can vote privately, and trust that their vote will be secure and counted.  We thank Council, Mr. Daly, and the Springwater Elections Committee for their leadership in advance for their citizens and in the electoral process.”

Everyone Counts® Software as a Service (SaaS) election platform provides a secure, reliable, and transparent process for receiving, marking, and submitting ballots. The eLect® solution features multiple layers of military-grade encryption and delivers cost savings, enhanced accessibility, increased accuracy, and environmental sustainability.

Springwater is a municipality of approximately 18,000 residents located in the heart of Simcoe County. Springwater Township is home to the second largest concentration of County Forests and is a popular destination for outdoor activities in all four seasons.


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Township of Springwater
John Daly
Director of Corporate Services & Clerk
2231 Nursery Road
Minesing ON L0L 1Y2
Phone: 1-705-728-4784

Everyone Counts®
4435 Eastgate Mall, Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: +1-858-427-4673


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