Everyone Counts’ Poll Books offer South Dakotans speedy voter check-in

eLect Poll Books provide easy voter check-in for April 11th Brookings Municipal/ School Board and Yankton City Elections

Voters and poll workers in Brookings Municipal/ School Board Election and Yankton City Election enjoyed a smooth voter check-in experience. Poll workers searched for voter names on Everyone Counts’ eLect Poll Book and quickly checked in voters who could then cast their ballots without having to stand in long lines.

“That’s the benefit of our eLect Poll Books,” said Brandon Johnson, Everyone Counts’ Sales Director. “Easy for voters to check in; easy for poll workers to use, and multi-levels of security to protect sensitive voter data.” According to Mr. Johnson, an experienced election administrator, cities and counties are choosing to upgrade to technology-based voting solutions because they simplify and automate complex processes.

When asked about other technology-driven voting solutions he sees on the horizon, Mr. Johnson said that web-based voter registration management systems will make a dramatic impact.

“Robust digital management systems makes it easier to accurately update voter data and jurisdiction boundary changes by providing things like intuitive searches and GIS integration,” said Johnson. “Security of voter registration systems is increasingly becoming more important. Incorporating technology mitigates risks by using the latest encryption processes, and also by assigning permissions to specific approved users. Advanced tools support traditional voting processes by improving ease of use, accuracy, and security.”

South Dakotans in Brown County, City of Pierre, and voters for Sioux Falls School Board elections will check-in on eLect Poll Books in their upcoming June elections.



About Everyone Counts:

Everyone Counts provides elegantly simple software and exceptional services to upgrade the election process. The eLect brand offers unrivaled web-based voting products including Voter Registration, Online Voting, and Remote Accessible Voting (RAV). The product suite is designed to address pain points facing election officials today, including security, accessibility, cost and sustainability.

Stefanie Histed

Communications & Administrative Manager Stefanie Histed is proud to help introduce eLect VRS to counties and states looking to modernize, in part because streamlining administrative processes and improving efficiency satisfies her passion for good logistics. She has a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations from San Diego State University.