Everyone Counts nominated for Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award

Everyone Counts, the leader in election modernization, is pleased to announce their nomination for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s prestigious 2015 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Award.

The awards, now in their sixth year, were created to honor and acknowledge the organizations and people that expand boundaries and have proven to be leaders in innovation.  

Everyone Counts was founded with a mission to bring state of the art technologies already proven in other industries to voting, to ensure that everyone with the right to vote can do so securely, independently and with full confidence their vote will be counted. For the last century, the election industry has used error-prone paper processes or antiquated voting machines that are reaching end of life. Everyone Counts CEO Lori Steele Contorer brought technology innovation to elections by developing a Software as a Service model, with the software delivered on commercial off-the-shelf hardware such as laptops, tablets and smartphone, as voting machines. This model not only increases convenience for voters but cost-saving for election administrators, all while increasing security, accessibility and auditabilility.

Everyone Counts is honored to have these achievements in election modernization recognized by the nominating committee for the Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards.

Hosted by the Los Angeles Business Journal and NantWorks along with Community Partner, Intelliversity, the awards will take place Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills Los Angeles, CA 90048.


Stefanie Histed

Communications & Administrative Manager Stefanie Histed is proud to help introduce eLect VRS to counties and states looking to modernize, in part because streamlining administrative processes and improving efficiency satisfies her passion for good logistics. She has a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations from San Diego State University.