Lori Steele, CEO of Everyone Counts, Inc, Appointed Delegate of Groundbreaking Poverty Alleviation Summit


San Diego, CA - The Opportunity Collaboration today announced the selection of Lori Steele CEO of Everyone Counts, Inc., as a Delegate to the Opportunity Collaboration. She will join 250 other social venture capitalists, entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders, Foundation executives and other activists at a strategic summit commencing on October 17, 2009 which is World Poverty Day. The Opportunity Collaboration is convened to respond to the current market turmoil which is seriously hurting the poor, not to mention non-profit and social finance funding. Everyone is sobered by downturns in nonprofit revenue, reductions in Foundation grant budgets and the supposition that social finance appears riskier. Financial scarcity demands an unprecedented level of collaboration.

Ms. Steele will present a program, entitled “Can Access to a Transparent Democracy Empower Citizens and Begin to Alleviate Poverty and Social Injustice?”.

“The Opportunity Collaboration is about leveraging resources and creating influential partnerships,” stated Collaboration CEO Jonathan C. Lewis. “Every Delegate brings an important point of view to the summit and a hands-on, working solution to poverty.  Steele’s work in social change is exceptional, high-impact and compelling.  She will have a unique opportunity to share insights with other Delegates, but most importantly to pursue concrete actions for real solutions and new partnerships to advance economic injustice.”

Lori Steele co-managed half a billion dollars for private wealth clients for nearly twenty years.   When it became apparent after the 2000 U.S. election that state of the art technology had not yet been brought to elections – and people were being disenfranchised because of that, she was compelled to combine her expertise in business with her passion for community, and she founded Everyone Counts, Inc.  Lori has been asked to lead on panels and committees in support of election improvements worldwide, and was recently nominated as one of the most powerful women in small business by Fortune magazine. “True democracy enhances the rights and rewards participation by all individuals,” said Steele.  “We hope to raise awareness among the very influential people attending Opportunity Collaboration of the importance of democracy promotion and ensuring fair and transparent elections in the global fight on poverty.  When passionate people come together to solve problems, amazing things happen.  And this forum has the ability to be the commencement of truly important change.”


Everyone Counts is a social enterprise committed to providing secure, accessible and transparent elections to democracies throughout the world.  With a team of internationally recognized computer security and election experts, Everyone Counts brings more than 150 years of experience and state of the art election science to governments globally.  By ensuring that every voter has the opportunity to vote privately and independently, and that every ballot is reliably counted, Everyone Counts is enfranchising two of the most severely disenfranchised groups of voters:  people with disabilities and voters living or serving away from their home country.  And they do all of this at a significantly lower cost than governments traditionally pay, while simultaneously preserving the earth’s natural resources.

Convening from October 17-20, 2009, the Opportunity Collaboration is a strategic networking summit of social investors/social ventures, entrepreneurial nonprofit leaders, Foundation trustees/executives and policy thought leaders. An impartial, non-aligned congress, the co-conveners are Ashoka, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, Calvert Social Investment Foundation, Global Philanthropy Forum, Social Venture Network, Stanford Social Innovation Review (Stanford Center for Social Innovation), Women Donors Network, Worldways Social Marketing and MicroCredit Enterprises CEO Jonathan C. Lewis. The Opportunity Collaboration brings together leaders from all over the world to leverage resources and create new alliances in the fight against poverty. Learn more about the Opportunity Collaboration at www.OpportunityCollaboration.net.

Everyone Counts, Inc.

Everyone Counts captures the voice of the voter in high fidelity to enable a better democratic process. We achieve this by providing elegantly simple software and exceptional services to upgrade the election process. The eLect brand offers unrivaled web-based voting products including Voter Registration, Online Voting, and Remote Accessible Voting (RAV). The product suite is designed to address challenges facing election officials today, including security, accessibility, cost, and sustainability.