It’s Not Just New Hampshire Voting Today

Everyone Counts transformation of elections increases access to the ballot


Everyone Counts, Inc., providers of the first and only use of an iPad as a voting booth for a government election, is reporting another first.  In this case it is the casting in December of the initial ballots for the Presidential Preference Primary in Florida using the Company’s secure and accessible online ballot platform.

As voters are going to the polls in New Hampshire, specially-designated Florida voters, some residing thousands of miles away, are having the polls brought to them.  Everyone Counts’ online ballot delivery opens up opportunities for more absentee voters to access their ballot.  Because the ballot is made available electronically instead of by mail, voters enjoy the twin benefits of rapid ballot access, as well as more time to return voted ballots than they’ve had in previous elections.  That gives these voters much higher confidence of their ballots being validated and counted in Florida within statutory deadlines than ever before.

“Modernization of the voting process with our online ballot delivery is expanding access to the vote and reducing costs,” commented Lori Steele, Chairman & CEO of Everyone Counts, Inc. “We are honored to have been chosen to implement our online software technologies in Florida to help voters to access, mark and return their ballot quickly, easily and accurately. It is an important part of our mission to help election officials deliver secure and transparent voting solutions to all voters, regardless of their location or access to polling stations.”

The Everyone Counts’ eLect® Today ballot delivery and voting platform includes comprehensive voter help features and is also accessible in multiple languages.  It has been successfully used in binding government elections across the country every year since 2008.   After receiving and marking their ballot online, then printing it, overseas voters can then fax or mail the ballot back, while any domestic absentee voter can return their printed ballot by mail, in-person, or via a designee.  Voting in Florida concludes on January 31, 2012.


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