Internet Voting Usage Doubles in By-election

Success continues for the ‘iVote’ online voting platform provided by Everyone Counts, with its usage in the New South Wales Clarence Parliamentary Seat By-election


Voter participation via the internet took another leap forward in the recent by-election for the vacant Parliamentary seat in Clarence, New South Wales (NSW). After the outstanding success of ‘iVote’ internet voting for the State General Election in March 2011, the NSW Electoral Commission once again successfully offered this service to voters with disabilities and remote location voters. The iVote technology was developed and provided by leading election-services company, Everyone Counts.

Over one thousand two hundred Clarence voters chose to use iVote to successfully cast their vote, up from just under six hundred in the March 2011 General Election. The doubling of participation of Clarence Voters using the Everyone Counts’ service, in partnership with the NSW Electoral Commission, represented a further outstanding endorsement of internet voting. This growth means almost 3 percent of the total turnout came via iVote.

“Everyone Counts again managed the technology and assisted the NSWEC in the smooth running of iVote for the Clarence by election,” said Ian Brightwell, CIO at NSW Electoral Commission. “The iVote process again delivered a well-received voting outcome at an acceptable cost with usage higher than we had hoped.”
Importantly, this demonstrated that the iVote solution could be cost-effectively and efficiently scaled from a general election to a by-election. Improving access and usability for voters with physical or reading disabilities was also one of the key aims in selecting and deploying the Everyone Counts internet voting solution. It proved hugely successful for voters with disabilities using iVote, representing a six-fold increase.

Everyone Counts’ Chairman and CEO, Lori Steele, said “It has been a privilege to again partner with the NSW Electoral Commission to deliver an outstanding success in improving access for voters. This signifies another milestone in our mission to ensure every elector is able to vote.  Whether they are a long way from a polling station or have a disability which prevents them from voting, our proven technology and election expertise ensures that they can vote -- because everyone counts.”


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