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Everyone Counts’ CEO Lori Steele Selected as Finalist by Fortune for Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs


Everyone Counts announced today that Fortune magazine editors, in search of the world’s most promising women entrepreneurs, have selected Lori Steele, Founder and CEO of Everyone Counts, as a finalist for their prestigious award:  Fortune 2011 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs.  Fortune said that from 131 nominees the finalists include extraordinary innovators, game-changers and groundbreakers whose startups generated $1 million to $25 million in annual revenue last year— and who appear poised to become large and leading global businesses.

A spokesperson for the competition said that the editors were “blown away by the strength of the businesses and the amazing stories,” among them, Ms. Steele’s.  “I am honored to be selected as a finalist for this extremely prestigious award, and I thank the editors for recognizing Everyone Counts’ position as a global business leader and equally the value that Everyone Counts provides to society,” said Steele.  Everyone Counts is the only election company in the world with a 100% success rate in the implementation of election technology for enfranchising voters and easing the burden of accurate reporting and audit processes for election administrators.

Ms. Steele has built a team of internationally recognized computer security and election administration experts, resulting in Everyone Counts' unique combination of state of the art technologies and proven best practices in election administration.  Unlike election systems of old, Everyone Counts allows governments to ensure transparency, accessibility and security in elections for voters everywhere.

Leading election innovation globally, Everyone Counts has been selected by governments on three continents to provide secure, transparent and accessible voting systems.  They lead the industry in helping governments to serve some of their most severely disenfranchised voters – people serving in the military, geographically displaced, or living abroad, and people with disabilities.  Everyone Counts’ secure election platform has allowed these voters to participate in electing their leaders at home from over 165 countries around the world, many for the first time.

Ms. Steele said: “Everyone Counts is transforming election administration and voting globally, and saving governments up to 50% of the cost of conducting those elections at the same time.  That is extraordinarily important in these challenging economic times. And I am honored to be recognized for this work by Fortune.”  Everyone Counts' innovative and patented election systems help governments ensure that every person that is legally entitled to vote in every democracy in the world is able to do so independently and privately.


A world leader, Everyone Counts uniquely combines election administration and technology expertise to deliver the most reliable, transparent and secure election solutions for all voters. Everyone Counts provides a remote electronic ballot delivery solution that is 508, HAVA and MOVE Act compliant as part of its suite of solutions. Established in 1996, Everyone Counts deploys elections around the world and has served millions of voters in over 160 countries, including a balloting platform used by the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) sponsored by the US Department of Defense.

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Everyone Counts captures the voice of the voter in high fidelity to enable a better democratic process. We achieve this by providing elegantly simple software and exceptional services to upgrade the election process. The eLect brand offers unrivaled web-based voting products including Voter Registration, Online Voting, and Remote Accessible Voting (RAV). The product suite is designed to address challenges facing election officials today, including security, accessibility, cost, and sustainability.