Everyone Counts Supports El Paso County’s Offering Of Secure Transmission Of Online Ballots For Uniformed And Overseas Citizens


JULY 14, 2010

SAN DIEGO, CA - Everyone Counts today announced the successful release of a secure online portal for the El Paso County, Colorado Clerk and Recorder’s Office. The portal allows overseas military personnel and citizens living abroad the ability to access, mark and print their ballots online.

This pilot project is slated for the August 10th Primary Election, in advance of the implementation deadline for the federal Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, which requires an electronic option for military and overseas voters for the 2010 General Election.

“Being able to provide this option for our military and overseas voters for the Primary Election is a great step forward for providing efficient ballot access to voters who need extra time in the voting process,” said Liz Olson, El Paso County Election Manager. “It is also an opportunity for our voters and our office to become familiar with the technology before it is required for the General Election this year.”

Technology and Election Services for the pilot project are provided by Everyone Counts’ eLect® software platform and election services. These services have been selected by governments and private sector organizations to deliver secure and accessible digital elections for more than 10 years.

“With a spotless record in delivering security, transparency, accessibility and the highest level of customer service to election officials and voters, Everyone Counts is honored to partner with El Paso County in this important pilot project,” said Lori Steele, CEO of Everyone Counts. “Our Open Code Advantage and world-leading military grade encryption ensure the transparency and security of the election for El Paso County voters.

“As with El Paso County, working in partnership with local election officials to ensure that every military and overseas voter is provided secure and timely access to a secure ballot that can be reliably counted is Everyone Counts’ mission.”

Most recently, Everyone Counts successfully implemented eLect for government elections in West Virginia, Washington, Hawaii, California, and Oregon.

El Paso County is the first county in Colorado to use this type of technology for election purposes.

“Colorado has a strong military presence and preserving the rights of our overseas citizens to timely cast their ballots is priority number one for my office,” said Secretary of State Bernie Buescher. “Voters can rest assured that my staff and El Paso County leaders have worked cooperatively to ensure the security and integrity of the ballot transmission process is sound.”

Military personnel and their dependents who are stationed overseas or El Paso County citizens living abroad can access the system by registering with El Paso County and marking their preference to access their ballot electronically on their registration form. The county will then provide the voter with instructions for accessing the system. Once the voters have accessed their ballots, they are able to mark their choices using their personal computers.

The system is designed to notify a voter if she under-votes (skips a race or does not choose as many candidates as allowed), and does not allow a voter to over-vote (chooses more candidates than allowed). It also allows voters to review their choices before printing and returning the voted ballot to the El Paso County Election Department by mail, fax or email. The voter is automatically provided a self-affirmation page with the printing of the ballot, which acts as a cover sheet and signature verification form. The system is available now through 7 p.m., MDT, Primary Election Day.


For more information on voting in El Paso County, contact the El Paso County Election Department at (719) 575-VOTE (8683) or visit its website at http://car.elpasoco.com/election.

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