Everyone Counts Successfully Concludes First Internet-Based Election in Oregon

Innovative global provider of voting solutions accurately tallies all votes for Independent Party of Oregon - the state’s third largest political party


SAN DIEGO, CA - Everyone Counts, an innovative global provider of voting solutions, today successfully concluded the first online election in the history of Oregon.

The San Diego-based company facilitated the Independent Party of Oregon’s (IPO) Primary Election on the Internet by allowing more than 2,180 individual voters to participate in the election which included 84 ballot styles, 60 contests and 85 candidates with cross-nominating capabilities for individuals from other political parties.

IPO members were given a password that provided access to the ballot, which included contests for Governor, U.S. Representative, State Senator and State Representative.  Links for campaign websites were also readily available under the candidates’ names, saving the need for paper literature.

After casting their vote, IPO members were provided a receipt code that allows them to check whether their vote was registered and counted once the election closed.  Only upon the conclusion of the election, were officials able to access the votes through individual passwords that allowed them to decrypt the election and tally all votes.

“Maintaining the integrity of the vote allows individual voters to feel confident that their efforts mattered and their votes counted,” said Lori Steele, CEO of Everyone Counts. “At Everyone Counts, every election is considered to be important and we take issues of ease, accessibility and accountability very seriously.”

In addition to the primary election, the IPO conducted a “virtual convention” through a customized online survey of its members.

Everyone Counts used eLect® Universal, a universally accessible and Help America Vote Act (HAVA) compliant election solution that not only makes voting simple, but also conforms to all technical requirements and protocols.  This innovative system was created to allow every individual, particularly persons with disabilities, to vote privately.


Everyone Counts, Inc.

Everyone Counts captures the voice of the voter in high fidelity to enable a better democratic process. We achieve this by providing elegantly simple software and exceptional services to upgrade the election process. The eLect brand offers unrivaled web-based voting products including Voter Registration, Online Voting, and Remote Accessible Voting (RAV). The product suite is designed to address challenges facing election officials today, including security, accessibility, cost, and sustainability.