Everyone Counts Releases World's First Accessible Remote-Absentee Voting System with VVPAT, Wins Florida Dept of State Approval in Time for 2010 Elections

eLect® Today is the only state approved 508, HAVA and MOVE Act compliant remote electronic ballot delivery and marking solution, providing voters in the military, overseas and with disabilities an independent, private and secure voter-verified ballot that can be reliably counted.


SAN DIEGO, CA - Everyone Counts, the global leader in providing secure, accessible voting solutions and election services, today announced the Florida Department of State officially granted approval for its eLect® Today voting system to be used throughout the state for absentee voters, including voters in the military, living overseas and with disabilities. eLect Today, an innovative solution for increasing access and security in elections is the only approved solution for accessible remote absentee voting in the state.

“Everyone Counts is proud to work with Florida Department of State, as they lead the country in ensuring that voters have access to accessible ballots, no matter where they are,” said Everyone Counts Chief Executive Officer Lori Steele. “We developed eLect Today in response to election officials desire and need to ensure military and overseas voters, and voters with disabilities are able to independently and privately receive and mark their ballots, and have those voter-verified ballots reliably counted. In addition to increasing access, our systems decrease cost and administrative effort for election officials.”

Thorough testing and review of eLect Today was completed by Florida elections officials. The Division of Elections of the Florida Secretary of State’s office indicated that eLect Today was reviewed by sighted testers, as well as those using assistive technology, such as screen readers, to ensure the system allows the state to achieve and maintain the maximum degree of correctness, impartiality and efficiency of voting procedures, as well as Universal Access for voters.  eLect today received positive marks by the Bureau of Systems Certification, and is available to Florida counties using an ES&S Unity voting system, for the November election.  eLect Today qualifies to be procured immediately with HAVA funding.

“Our office is excited about the accessibility this provides voters who are blind and disabled,” said Donald Palmer, Director of the Florida Division of Elections, in a letter granting approval of eLect Today.

eLect Today provides absentee voters marking their ballots remotely from the U.S. or abroad the only 508 and HAVA-compliant ballots approved for use in Florida, ensuring Universal Access for voters.  For the first time, absentee ballots cast remotely can be cast securely, privately, and reliably. Through the use of a secure website, a computer delivers each voter’s full unique ballot to him or her. The completed voter-verified paper ballot may be by mail, or fax if overseas, pursuant to the instructions of elections officials.


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