Everyone Counts Launches First Internet-Based Election In Oregon

Conducted primary election for Independent Party of Oregon – the state’s third largest party.


SAN DIEGO, CA - Everyone Counts, an innovative global provider of voting solutions, today successfully launched the Independent Party of Oregon’s (IPO) primary election on the Internet. With approximately 55,000 voters, the IPO is officially the third-largest political party in Oregon and represents 2.7 percent of its electorate.

Everyone Counts was chosen by IPO Chairwoman Linda Williams for its affordability, accessibility, security and transparency; four of the company’s pillars, as well as its unwavering commitment to world-class customer service. Oregon does not run primary elections for parties with fewer than 100,000 members.

“No matter how large or small, we take every election very seriously at Everyone Counts and successfully deliver voting systems and services that voters can feel extraordinarily confident in,” said Lori Steele, CEO of Everyone Counts. “An election on the Internet not only promotes inclusion, but is also cost effective and environmentally friendly.  Those who participate in this historic Internet election in Oregon can feel deeply satisfied about their participation in the democratic process.”

In addition to the primary election, Everyone Counts is also using its platform to provide a “virtual convention” through the customization of an online survey.

The first Internet election in Oregon includes 84 ballot styles, 60 races and 82 candidates with cross-nominating capabilities for candidates from other political parties.

The Internet-based primary election began at 8 a.m. and ends on Friday, July 30th at 5 p.m.


Everyone Counts has been providing voting solutions to its clients around the world since 1996 and is based out of San Diego, CA.  For more information on products, services and capabilities, visit www.everyonecounts.com.

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