Everyone Counts’ Electronic Voting System Impresses SXSW Participants

Everyone Counts, the global leader in election modernization, showcased its eLect® Software as a Service (SaaS) online voting system at SXSW Interactive.

Dell’s Entrepreneur Policy Hack-a-Thon consisted of six teams presenting competing solutions to challenges faced by innovators and entrepreneurs. A VIP lineup of judges, including members of Congress and venture capitalists, cast online votes for their favorite policy solution using Everyone Counts’ eLect secure online ballot delivery on Dell Tablets.

“We’re extremely impressed and awesomely happy,” said Cris Turner, Dell’s Director of North American Government Affairs. He described eLect as, “incredibly intuitive, streamlined, clean. It reloaded quickly between voters, which is important at events like this.”

Everyone Counts’ uses feedback from focus groups and customers to design a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for voters of all ages and demographics to independently cast their choices. Using eLect on equipment that people are already familiar with, such as tablets and laptops, makes the process even more user-friendly and streamlines the polling process.

Participant John Ciecholewski, Founder of Sunn Lighting said,  “[eLect] is super easy to use, just click and you’re done. You didn’t have to think about voting, it was so straightforward.”

The Hack-a-thon took place Saturday, March 14th  at the #DellLounge as part of SXSW’s Interactive festival.


Stefanie Histed

Communications & Administrative Manager Stefanie Histed is proud to help introduce eLect VRS to counties and states looking to modernize, in part because streamlining administrative processes and improving efficiency satisfies her passion for good logistics. She has a bachelor's degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations from San Diego State University.