Everyone Counts’ CEO provides insights on “Bringing a first class product to the market” to Rady School of Management MBA students

Lori Steele Contorer speaks at UCSD to help prepare students for the capstone course series in their MBA Program, the Lab to Market Workshop.


San Diego, CA — Everyone Counts CEO Lori Steele Contorer engaged MBA students at Rady School of Management, UC San Diego in a talk over dinner on Friday, April 25 at the Del Mar Marriott.   

The topic was “The Journey - Bringing a First in Class Product to the Market”, in which Ms. Steele Contorer detailed the path of translating an idea into a viable market opportunity.

“Having an entrepreneurial minded leader like Ms. Steele Contorer share the story of building Everyone Counts from an idea into a successful company provides our students with the practical and experiential knowledge that is a valuable part of their MBA education,” said Delbert Foit, Lecturer at Rady School of Management.

The talk was a kick-off for Lab to Market, the signature course series of the Rady MBA program, where students obtain the competencies to identify and transform science and technology based innovation into viable ventures that capture profitable market opportunities.

“It’s inspiring to interact with our future entrepreneurs and business leaders,” said Lori Steele Contorer. “The students were insightful, creative and intelligent in their thinking about entrepreneurialism. They appreciate candid real-life stories of the ups and downs of building a company, so it was a pleasure to share the story of building Everyone Counts from an idea to the industry leader in the transformation of the $31 billion  elections industry. The future for UCSD MBA students is clearly bright!”

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