Everyone Counts Announces Automated Ballot Remaking with Runbeck Election Services, Bringing Cost and Time Savings to Election Officials


SAN DIEGO, CA – Everyone Counts, a leading provider of elections solutions, today announced ballot remaking capabilities with Runbeck Election Services. eLect Transcriber™ provides a seamless interface, linking Everyone Counts' secure eLect® electronic voting solutions with Runbeck's Sentio Ballot Printing System™, providing automated ballot remaking of voter-verified paper ballots.

Everyone Counts helps the election official provide cost-effective, universal access to the ballot. Using Everyone Counts' secure eLect voting solution, ballots can be securely accessed, marked and then returned via electronic or paper methods. The patent pending eLect Transcriber allows ballots to be scanned using a barcode then printed on Runbeck's Sentio Ballot Printing System™. Once printed and marked, ballots can be automatically remade and readied for election officials to tabulate; saving election officials valuable time and money in the transcribing process.

"We're thrilled to have established this relationship with Everyone Counts," said Kevin Runbeck, Chief Executive Officer of Runbeck Election Services." The integration of the Sentio Ballot Printing System™ with the eLect voting solution will allow us to make ballots available to voters in places previously beyond our reach."

The Sentio Ballot Printing System supports the unique needs of diverse jurisdictions, printing ballots by party or style, in the correct language; it is a robust, on-demand solution that leverages Runbeck innovations and prints ballots for every major ballot tabulation system including ES&S, Dominion (formerly Premier), Sequoia and Hart.

"We are excited to work with Runbeck Election Services to deliver this unique solution that helps ensure all ballots are handled securely and presented in a way that saves taxpayers and election officials time and money," said Everyone Counts CEO Lori Steele. "Runbeck is an ideal partner because of the proven success of their Sentio™ ballot on-demand system. We look forward to a long and successful relationship between the two organizations."

A world leader, Everyone Counts uniquely combines election and technology expertise to deliver the most reliable, transparent and secure election solutions for all voters.  Everyone Counts provides a remote electronic ballot delivery solution that is 508, HAVA and MOVE Act compliant as part of their suite of solutions. eLect has been used around the world by voters in over 160 countries and is a provider in the  Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) sponsored by the US Department of Defense.

Everyone Counts is the only election company to provide Open Code Advantage, allowing third-parties to audit the software, ensuring that it does only what it is intended to do.


Trusted by election officials worldwide, Everyone Counts uniquely combines election and technology expertise to deliver the most reliable, transparent and secure election solutions for all voters. Established in 1996 and headquartered in California with offices in London and Melbourne, our team of experts has delivered thousands of secure elections to voters in over 160 countries using the secure eLect® Platform.

Runbeck Election Services is one of the country's leading election partners and a one-stop shop providing customers with total election solutions including ballot production, election printing, postal voting solutions and everything in between. With more than 35 years of election services experience, the company prides itself on meeting customer needs by delivering results that are efficient, accurate and transparent. RES currently serves over 12 million voters across the nation. For more information, visit www.runbeck.net.

Everyone Counts, Inc.

Everyone Counts captures the voice of the voter in high fidelity to enable a better democratic process. We achieve this by providing elegantly simple software and exceptional services to upgrade the election process. The eLect brand offers unrivaled web-based voting products including Voter Registration, Online Voting, and Remote Accessible Voting (RAV). The product suite is designed to address challenges facing election officials today, including security, accessibility, cost, and sustainability.