Everyone Counts and Advanced Ballot Solutions Join Forces to Provide Election Officials a Secure, Efficient Solution for Automated Ballot Remaking


SAN DIEGO, CA – The recently enacted MOVE legislation now requires that election officials make ballots available electronically to overseas voters upon request. Everyone Counts, an innovator in providing secure, affordable and universally accessible election systems worldwide has teamed with Advanced Ballot Solutions (ABS), a leader in absentee and on-demand ballot printing solutions, to provide jurisdictions with an efficient and cost effective solution to meet this mandate.

Everyone Counts’ proven eLect Today™ solution allows overseas and other remote voters to privately and securely mark their ballot electronically in a HAVA compliant way.  The completed paper ballot is returned via fax, email, or mail — whatever means allowed by the election official. Where legislation allows the ballot may also be submitted online.

While dramatically reducing the time to receive and submit voted ballots, these returned documents cannot be scanned by optical scan ballot tabulation equipment. Historically, these documents required “remaking” or “duplication”, an exacting and protracted process whereby the choices on the document returned by the voter are manually transferred to an official ballot.

By linking Everyone Counts eLect Transcriber™ barcode, patent pending, with the ABS scanning and ballot remaking system, we have eliminated this time consuming step by automatically converting and printing these non-scannable documents into a readable ballot that can be processed by the jurisdiction’s certified optical scan equipment.

The result: An automated means for election officials to process and merge these voter-verifiable returns into their existing process, while saving time and money.

Advanced Ballot Solutions offers comprehensive and integrated hardware, software and outsource service solutions for the election market. This broad product offering helps our customers reduce costs while at the same time improving the accuracy, efficiency and transparency of their election process.


Trusted by election officials worldwide, Everyone Counts uniquely combines election and technology expertise to deliver the most reliable, transparent and secure election solutions for all voters. Established in 1996 and headquartered in California with offices in London and Melbourne, our team of experts has delivered thousands of secure elections to voters in over 160 countries using the secure eLect® Platform.

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