Email or Fax ballots to UOCAVA voters with HAVA-compliant Universal Access Ballot Marking Capability


Everyone Counts, Inc. announced today a new solution to ensure that every overseas civilian and all military serving abroad are able to vote securely and privately, and that their votes will be counted. The solution is called eLect® Today. “I am excited by what this elegant yet simple solution can do to enhance the privacy and security of our military and overseas voters” said Lori Steele, CEO of Everyone Counts at the product launch.

eLect Today conforms to the laws in the more than 30 states that allow military and overseas voters to use email and fax to cast a ballot. Paul DeGregorio, Chief of Elections for Everyone Counts and former Chairman of the US Election Assistance Commission, stated at the product release “Though we continue to believe that true universal access in voting will occur with the addition of online and telephone voting channels, we recognize that the legislation supporting these modern methods of voting in many states is only now being developed. Many of these same states, however, have authorized ballots being transmitted electronically. Unfortunately, though well intentioned, this frequently puts the voter in a position where he or she must give up their right to privacy and subject their vote to a process fraught with the potential for manipulation. eLect Today solves both of those problems.”

eLect Today provides a level of security and accuracy not possible with traditional emailing and faxing of ballots. It improves upon every email and fax solution available on the market today in that a voter does not have to waive his or her right to privacy in order to vote. Like all solutions developed by Everyone Counts, eLect Today utilizes military grade encryption and relies on the same universal design inherent in eLect Universal and eLect Access. This means that voters casting their ballots using eLect Today can vote privately and securely. And for the first time in US history, every single overseas and military voter could have confidence that their vote will be accurately recorded - and counted. “This new product provides ground-breaking progress for elections officials at a time when budgets are tight, but the difficulty in ensuring that military and overseas voters have their votes counted has become clear,” said Lori Steele. “Everyone Counts is committed to responding with affordable, practical solutions to real problems that the election community faces, while ensuring security, accessibility and privacy for voters. Our team understands the pressures that the election community faces in delivering binding elections that are without reproach with ever dwindling resources. And we are here to help.”


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