Electronic Ballot Delivery for Utah's Overseas Voters Proves a Success


The State of Utah brings us a story of success for its compliance with the 2009 Military and Overseas Voters Empowerment Act, known as the MOVE Act. Working with accessible voting solutions supplier Everyone Counts®, a California based company, eleven counties representing over 70% of Utah’s population had their online voting solution for UOCAVA (uniformed service and overseas) voters accessible prior to the Department of Defense due date of September 18th.

Utah Elections Director Mark Thomas summarizes the online ballot marking solution for Utah’s UOCAVA voters as being a success. Voters from participating counties may access their electronic ballots from http://vote.utah.gov/register-to-vote/overseas-voters, using the Everyone Counts secure eLect® voting solution, provided through participation in the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) sponsored by the US Department of Defense.

Missionaries, active military and students represent most of Salt Lake County’s nearly two thousand MOVE Act voters. “As a retired service member and representative for Salt Lake County voters, I am very proud to be participating in the pilot to offer our UOCAVA voters an electronic ballot delivery option”, says Scott Konopasek, Salt Lake County Elections Director. Mr. Konopasek had himself been an overseas voter when casting his first ballot in his early twenties.

Everyone Counts met all DOD program requirements and “successfully delivered’ its solution, as acknowledged by its Business Transformation Agency (BTA), which oversees the FVAP pilot program. Everyone Counts CEO, Lori Steele, reminds us that reaching voters without easy access to the ballot is a core competency of Everyone Counts. “We are very proud to be working with the State of Utah in providing its military and overseas voters a secure, electronic, ballot marking option”, says Steele.

Military and oversees voters may also access their electronic ballot from www.fvap.gov.


Everyone Counts’ mission is for every voter to have access to a ballot that is reliably counted. Everyone Counts’ universal access voting solutions were designed by election experts to increase voter accessibility and ballot marking accuracy, and are built using the secure eLect® Platform developed by technology and security experts. Since 1997, millions of voters in more than 160 countries have exercised their voting rights using Everyone Counts’ secure eLect Platform technology.


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