Elections Remain Live During Multi-State Blackout

Everyone Counts data center remains live, secure, and available for voting through Southern California power outage


SAN DIEGO, CA  Everyone Counts, the leading provider of secure and accessible electronic voting systems, remained online and fully operational with all elections during last week’s power outage affecting almost 6 million people in the Southwest US region and Mexico. The county of San Diego, home to Everyone Counts’ headquarters and one of their data centers, bore the brunt of the problems. As night fell, most of the nation’s 8th largest city was in darkness, with the exception of Everyone Counts’ elections.

During the outage, Everyone Counts elections operations and data center were live and fully operational. No interruptions in service or election access occurred.

All of the production systems utilized by Everyone Counts are hosted in top tier data centers with redundant power, network connections, and cooling. In event of a power outage the systems are backed up by diesel generators and battery backup.

Lori Steele, CEO of Everyone Counts stated she was not surprised at these results. “Our engineers regularly test for these types of scenarios. In a world where technology and business needs are constantly evolving, there is one requirement that does not change: the need to provide uninterruptable election solutions. Our clients, election officials around the world, rely on Everyone Counts to provide world-class data management and disaster recovery services.”


A world leader, Everyone Counts uniquely combines election administration and technology expertise to deliver the most reliable, transparent and secure election solutions for all voters. Everyone Counts provides a remote electronic ballot delivery solution that is 508, HAVA and MOVE Act compliant as part of its suite of solutions. Established in 1996, Everyone Counts deploys elections around the world and has served millions of voters in over 160 countries, including a balloting platform used by the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) sponsored by the US Department of Defense.

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