Cook County Improves Ballot Access With Everyone Counts System

Success for Military & Overseas absentee voters electronic ballot system


San Diego, CA — The Office of Cook County, Illinois, Clerk David Orr has selected Everyone Counts to implement a new, state-of-the-art ballot delivery system specifically designed for military service personnel and overseas voters. Traditional vote-by-mail has historically made it difficult for overseas ballots to make it back to the states in time to be counted.

The Everyone Counts system was used for the March 20, 2012 Presidential Primary Election. It will also be used in elections through 2016. Military and overseas voters are able to go online to request and receive their ballots. While ballots are marked online, none are cast online. Rather, voters print, review and sign their ballots before mailing them to the County. No matter where they are in the world, voters can securely access their unique ballot from any Internet device—including PCs, laptops, iPads, tablets and smartphones.

“Voters overseas and military voters adapted very quickly to Everyone Counts’ system,” said Cook County (IL) Clerk David Orr. “A number of voters cast their ballots within an hour of getting their email ballot. Fifty-three percent of requestors returned them, compared to 11% in our 2010 Gubernatorial Primary, and 50% in our 2008 Presidential Primary. Even accuracy improved, going from 92% of ballots counted in February 2008 to 99% in March 2012.”

“We are honored to have been selected by the Cook County Clerk's office to implement a more transparent, convenient and secure voting system for military personnel serving overseas,” said Lori Steele, Chairman and CEO of Everyone Counts, Inc. “Our company is committed to ensuring that every citizen with a right to vote can do so privately and trust that their vote will be secure. We thank Cook County Clerk David Orr for leading this further advancement in democracy and for placing their trust in Everyone Counts.”

Everyone Counts’ voting systems feature multiple layers of military-grade encryption and its infrastructure meets and exceeds government standards. The company’s software solution also strictly adheres to industry leading security guidelines.

Everyone Counts Software as a Service (SaaS) election platform provides a secure, reliable, and transparent process for receiving and marking ballots. The application can easily be expanded to include all absentee voters and has the potential to save up to 50% of the cost of voting by mail, while increasing the accessibility and security of the ballot.


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