State of Oregon

Accessible voting

In a special primary election in November 2011, Oregon’s voters in five counties needing special assistance used iPads to mark their ballots in the State’s Accessible Voting Pilot Project using a system designed and implemented by Everyone Counts. Ballots were securely accessed and marked using iPads and then printed, resulting in a 1500% increase in the use of the accessibility solution. This success led to the system’s adoption statewide in 2012 for voters with disabilities, as well as expansion to overseas and military voters. 

We were really astounded by the success of the iPad Pilot
— Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State
A new era in voting


  • eLect® Remote Accessible Voting: Electronic ballot delivery and marking
  • Portable Voting Centers: A patent-pending mobile ballot marking kit which takes the vote to the voter, anywhere
  • Transcriber™: Patent-pending automated ballot remaking technology

Eligible Voters

Voters with special needs, including voters with disabilities, visually impaired voters, and seniors


  • Electronic ballot delivery via Everyone Counts’ software as a service platform
  • Ballots are received on any web enabled-device (such as the iPads provided by the State of Oregon in this election)
  • Compatible with computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Portable Voting Centers contain all elements to set up a remote poll station
  • Simple, easy-to-use electronic ballot user-interface
  • Allows for use of iPad’s built-in capabilities, such as increasing font size and voiceover
  • HAVA-compliant solution to prevent voters from overvoting and alerting them to undervoting
  • Voters print their ballot and certification form and mail back
  • Ballot is printed with Transcriber™, enabling automated ballot remaking by using standard scanning devices


  • Provides all eligible voters with easy, private, and independent ballot access
  • Integrates with the iPad to allow voters to change ballot font size and have the ballot read using an Apple voiceover screen reader
  • Savings of up to 60% in election costs
  • Portable Voting Centers allows voters to access their ballot electronically, with or without an internet connection
  • Transcriber™ replaces repetitive, manual, error-prone ballot remaking
  • Fast Turnaround—Everyone Counts’ solutions can be designed and implemented within weeks


  • 1500% increase in the use of the accessibility solution
  • 100% of voters who participated in the iPad program were satisfied with the system and would prefer to use it again
  • The pilot was extended in January 2012, again successfully
  • The solution was adopted fully statewide in April 2012
So much of election technology is based on the way elections have been administered historically, and Everyone Counts was willing to work with us on changing the way people mark their ballots in Oregon that was easier, more cost effective, and more accurate.
— Stephen N. Trout, State Election Director, Oregon

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