New Jersey

Statewide Voter Registration System

Everyone Counts was awarded a $17 million, 10-year contract by the State of New Jersey Division of Elections to host, support, and maintain the New Jersey Statewide Voter Registration System (NJ SVRS).

Solutions Included

  • New NJ-based secure data center and remote failover site
  • New software and hardware architecture for the State's and counties' servers
  • New statewide, high-performance MPLS data network
  • On-site help desk

Eligible Voters

NJ SVRS manages over 5 million registered voters statewide


  • Completed an originally planned 6 month transfer of hosting and support from prior provider in 6 weeks
  • New, secure, scalable, 24/7 monitored, high-availability (full-failover) data centers in Edison, NJ and Denver, CO
  • New high-performance, secure MPLS data network connects State and 21 county election offices
  • On-site help desk for NJ SVRS applications, servers, and network
  • Complete refresh and modernization of the state and county servers’ software and hardware “stack” to improve performance and reliability and assure compliance with software licenses


  • Improved reliability, security, performance of applications, servers, and network
  • Modernized server software and hardware statewide to enable continued support and future application enhancements


  • Substantial reduction in the state's costs related to NJ SVRS
  • Greater security and reliability of application, servers, and network
  • Improved help desk, support, and monitoring tools and processes
  • Refresh of server and database software systems to ensure ongoing vendor support and platform for application enhancements

Options for Expansion

Now that this re-hosting and modernization of database, server software, and server hardware is complete, the State of New Jersey Division of Elections is preparing to address its backlog of application updates and enhancements to ensure that the NJ SVRS continues to support the state’s voters for many years to come, while immediately saving taxpayers money.

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