Nevada County, CA

Electronic poll books

After a competitive electronic poll book pilot process during the June 2014 Primary Election, Nevada County, CA selected Everyone Counts’ Electronic Poll Book solution for future elections. Everyone Counts’ solution allows Nevada County to comply with state law and to achieve its goals of eliminating traditional paper poll books and reducing long lines at polls. Everyone Counts’ Electronic Poll Book uses commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware which was developed to make adoption affordable and setup as simple as possible. Familiar tablet devices and a built-in Help text eased the transition for poll workers.

Everyone Counts’ Electronic Poll Book helps reduce errors, prevent voter fraud, speed the check-in process, monitor election progress statistics, and ultimately eliminates hours of intensive manual labor during our peak election times
— County Clerk-Recorder, Gregory J. Diaz

Solutions Deployed


  • Easy to setup and simple to use for Poll Workers
  • Poll book runs on a simple tablet device familiar to the general population
  • Built-in Help text and irregularity resolution processes customized to Nevada County’s specific needs
  • Flip design allows poll workers to quickly authenticate voters and capture their signatures
  • Fast, secure, and accurate upload of voter data prior to Election Day
  • Supports Provisional Ballot needs
  • Ability to easily redirect voters to the correct polling location
  • Real-time digital scrolling roster satisfies state-mandated hourly reporting requirements
  • Label printing to support “wet” signature requirements


  • Eliminated the need for traditional paper poll books
  • Reduced long lines at polls on Election Day
  • Streamlined and automated check-in process
  • Easier and more accurate election night reconciliation
  • Substantially fewer phone calls from poll workers because of built-in prompts
  • Capture of local data to produce effective reports
  • Reduced number of provisional votes
  • Significantly reduces manual tasks during the post-election canvass and administration
  • Reduction of unnecessary provisional ballots issued


  • 10-15% reduction of overall election costs
  • Expedient uploading of voter information reducing the quantity and costs of supplemental rosters
  • Faster check-in process shortened voter wait times

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