Online Balloting Gaining Steam in Monongalia County

Everyone Counts helps absentee voters in Monogalia County

Written by Ben Katko

The special election for Robert C. Byrd's Senate seat is right around the corner, and one local county has a way you can vote from your personal computer.

Getting things done as fast as possible is the trend in America these days, and making your vote count is no different.  That's why Monongalia County is one of four counties in the state using online balloting.

Now, don't get too excited.

Not everyone can cast their vote online yet, but for now, if you have a family member serving in the military overseas, or you know someone living abroad that wants to vote, this is for them.

The paper absentee ballots aren't going away yet, but by registering to vote online, you can avoid worrying about if your ballot made it through the mail on time.

Election officials say they saw great success with online balloting for the May primary election, and they want to keep using it for future elections.

It's essentially the new way to make your absentee vote count, except you can do it from the convenience of your personal computer.

"It's definitely a great convenience because a voter can log on from their computer at their own time, and submit a vote, as opposed to having to wait for a mail ballot to come in and then take the risk of sending it back, and hopefully it arrives by election night," says Kevin Terhorst of Everyone Counts.