Increasing Access for Denver Voters

National Civic Technology Award won by Denver Elections Division with Everyone Counts’ voting software as a service

Everyone Counts is providing the technology and services used for Denver, Colorado’s iPad Accessibility Pilot Project (iAPP). The Everyone Counts' proprietary software as a service makes it possible for eligible voters to securely mark their ballots using a user-friendly interface on the iPad.

Full Denver Press Release below:


June 12, 2013

Denver Elections Division Wins Two National Civic Technology Awards

Pioneering programs increase voter confidence and access to voting process

(Denver) – Two cutting-edge customer service innovations created by the Denver Elections Division (DED) won 2013 Achievement Awards for use of technology from the National Association of Counties.

Ballot TRACE is a Tracking, Reporting and Communication Engine that allows voters and the DED to track mail ballot envelopes through every stage of the postal system using the U.S. Postal Service’s intelligent mail barcode technology. Voters can sign up to get text or email messages alerting them of the status of their ballot from the time that it is printed through when it is returned to the DED. Ballot TRACE also provides reports to the DED to assure that ballots are delivered to voters.

The iPad Accessibility Pilot Project (iAPP) allows voters in group residential facilities like nursing homes to use iPads as ballot marking devices by utilizing built-in assistive technology to do everything from enlarge text on the screen to read the ballot aloud to them.

“I am pleased that our technologies created to increase customer service to our voters continue to garner national attention,” said Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson. “Ballot TRACE will be more important than ever since all future elections will include a mail ballot delivery system. iAPP assures that voters in group residential facilities have access to the voting process in an independent manner.”