Everyone Counts Assists U.S. Government in planning for improved overseas voting

Everyone Counts presents at US National Institute of Standards and Technology

On June 29-30 Aaron Contorer, the company’s Chief of Products and Partnerships, was invited to present at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology workshop on overseas voting (UOCAVA) requirements and security objectives. Everyone Counts was one of only two companies invited to provide detailed input alongside computer science professors and officials from election agencies and the Department of Defense. His remarks focused on the urgency of providing reliable access to the ballot for US citizens overseas. He recommended the creation of an accelerated process to deliver secure online election services, including support for innovating pilot projects as well as cost-effective deployments to enfranchise large numbers of overseas voters. Currently fewer than half of overseas voters get their votes counted in Federal elections, primarily due to the delays and errors that could be prevented by wise use of modern digital technology. At the meeting Prof. Alec Yasinsac commented, “the present disenfranchisement guarantees real inaccuracy” and recommended the government proceed with online voting pilot projects including electronic marked ballot return with a paper follow-up. Prof. David Wagner added, “Mail is slow and not always reliable. Opportunity: Use the Internet.” Also at the meeting Everyone Counts submitted papers formally registering its technology manufacturing capability with officials of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Everyone Counts recently conducted the United States’ first-ever all-digital telephone and online election for the City and County of Honolulu using the company’s eLect® digital election platform.