Australian Military Securely Vote over the Internet in another World's First for Everyone Counts

Australian troops vote online

Australian troops deployed overseas in the Middle East, Timor-Leste and the Solomon Islands are using the latest voting technology for the upcoming Federal election on 24 November.

A new secure electronic voting system is being used for the the first time as part of a trial by Defence and the Australian Electoral Commission, taking advantage of Defence's secure communication infrastructure that allows encrypted electronic voting data to be transmitted.

Brisbane-based soldiers Private Jason Marsh and Private Louie Merimba read Austrlian Electoral Commission voter registration material prior to lodging their vote.

Baghdad-based soldier Signaller Tynan Garrett said the process only took him five minutes to vote. "Being only 22-years-old, I haven't voted much before, but the online system made the process easy to follow," he said.

The Defence voting trial follows from a recommendation on electronic voting by the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, by reducing the logistical overhead of managing paper-based ballots in remote overseas operational locations.