Alabama implements first secure, fully electronic voting system using eLect®

Alabama is the first in the country to implement statewide a fully electronic voting system—using Everyone Counts' eLect® Electronic Ballot Delivery and Return—for its military members serving overseas. Everyone Counts' solution allows voters to securely login through a portal, cast their vote, verify their return and have their vote immediately count.

For Alabama, eLect® replaces the absentee ballot, which typically takes 30 days to arrive overseas, according to Jason Sellars, the Assistant Director of UA's Veteran and Military Affairs Office.

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Online voting for military members from Alabama serving overseas

By Jennifer Edwards  |  Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Alabama is the first state in the country to implement a fully electronic voting system for service members stationed overseas.

This new way of voting will replace the absentee ballot.

It will allow military members from Alabama, currently serving overseas to cast their vote online.

Those who have served said this is a giant step forward in the voting process for service members.

"Everybody wants their vote to count," said Jason Sellars, the Assistant Director of UA's Veteran and Military Affairs Office.

Sellars is an Army combat veteran, he knows first-hand how difficult voting, while serving overseas, can be.

"Whenever you do absentee voting overseas typically it takes about 30 days for the absentee ballots to get to the service members overseas so whenever you're trying to count your vote, by the time you get it there, its too late and by the time they get back to the individual municipality its already past the point of a deadline," Sellars said.

In an effort to change this, service members will now cast those votes online.

They'll be able to log in securely through a portal and cast their vote and verify their return and their vote will immediately count," said Matthew Hudnall, the Deputy Director for UA's Center for Advanced Public Safety.

Hudnall said security is a top priority.

"Naturally people are worried about the manipulation of their vote, now there are things that could impact a system such as malware, virus injection, man in the middle attacks, so all of those are viable concerns but the company that the state of Alabama has chosen to go with, Everyone Counts, has been a tried and true solution and they have a number of security measures in place to assure that when your votes casted, its cast securely," said Hudnall

Many believe this is what service members deserve.

"Military are actually serving to provide protection for those freedoms and for those rights and that population I think is the most deserving of having something like this to be the first ones to obtain that privledge," said Sellars.

Military members from Alabama serving overseas will be able to cast their votes for the March Primaries, online.