Franklin County, Washington

Electronic ballot delivery
and return

In a state where the main voting channel is the U.S. mail, Everyone Counts introduced eLect®, a unique voting solution allowing for secure online ballot marking with voter-verified paper return. In addition to integrating Franklin County’s 26 ballot styles, this innovative solution, built on the eLect platform, provided significant access for voters with disabilities through its compatibility with JAWS screen readers and other well-known assistive devices. The online ballot-marking solution deployed in Franklin County was the first of its kind in the country. Giving voters the ability to securely mark their HAVA-compliant ballot, this successful election provided an example of the implementation of 2010 MOVE Act legislation.

Do yourself a favor and hire these people. Our experience with Everyone Counts was outstanding. Their integrity is real. Their commitment to getting it right is real. Their dedication to excellence is real. They really do take the worry off your shoulders . . . I am still amazed by it.
— Zona Lenhart, Franklin County Auditor

Election Solutions Deployed

Eligible Voters

General population; marketed to voters with disabilities

Increased Security

  • All communication secured using SSL/TLS protocol
  • Software and procedures provided a highly auditable system
  • All systems monitored in real time

Demonstrated Success

  • Enabled previously disenfranchised voters to vote privately and independently
  • 96% of voters would use eLect Electronic Voting again
  • Surveyed voters with disabilities found eLect Electronic Voting easier to use than a traditional paper ballot
  • HAVA- and ADA-compliant solution for serving absentee voters with disabilities
  • Provided increased access with cost savings over DREs/Automark.
  • Replaced expensive and underutilized equipment priced at $10,000 per unit that had been used by only one voter in three years.

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