El Paso, Colorado

Online ballot delivery
and marking

When El Paso County's assigned vendor for MOVE Act compliance failed to meet their needs, Everyone Counts stepped in and solved the problem in just two business days. Chief Deputy Director of Operations John Gardner said, "Everyone Counts saved the day," with a keen understanding of the election process and attentive customer service. The solution was cost effective and received unanimous praise from voters.

Election Solutions Deployed

eLect® Remote Accessible Voting: Online ballot marking with voter-verified paper return

Eligible Voters

Military and Overseas

Time to Build El Paso's Election

Two business days

How was this done in just two business days?

  • The unrivaled service delivered by Everyone Counts includes a strong commitment to success
  • We understood El Paso's unique requirements
  • Work started on a Saturday, immediately upon request

Liked By Voters

100% of Primary Election survey respondents said:

  • Online tool "much better" than how voted in the past
  • "Very good" ease of use
  • "Yes" they would use the online solution if offered again

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