Denver, Colorado

Electronic ballot delivery,
marking, and return system

Delivering an innovative combination of electronic voting solutions, Everyone Counts provided Denver election officials with the ability to reach more overseas voters while reducing costs. Efficient and convenient online voting ensured that UOCAVA voters could conveniently and securely mark and return their ballots electronically. Furthermore, utilizing centralized printing enhanced by Everyone Counts’ patent-pending 2D barcode technology, election officials eliminated the need for manual remaking and greatly reduced administrative time and costs.

Ensuring every voter has the ability to cast a ballot is our mission and the Everyone Counts product and team assisted in facilitating that mission.
— Amber McReynolds, Director of Elections

Election Solutions Deployed

  • eLect® Remote Accessible Voting: Voters were able to receive, mark, and cast their ballot online
  • Central Print™: Allowed for the printing of the marked ballots electronically via a secure, encrypted connection at the election office
  • Transcriber™: By printing a 2D barcode on the completed ballot, the ballot printing providers reproduced a ballot that could be optically scanned, saving administrative time

Eligible Voters

Military and overseas voters (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act – UOCAVA)


  • All communication secured using SSL/TLS protocol
  • Electronically submitted voter preferences are kept anonymous and are encrypted utilizing 2048-bit RSA containers
  • Software and procedures provide a highly auditable system
  • All systems monitored in real time

Seamless Integration

Everyone Counts’ unique, patent-pending eLect Transcriber technology integrates with ballot printing providers to replace manual transcription requirements, increasing accuracy and saving time and money. In this election, the industry’s two leading providers, Advanced Ballot Solutions and Runbeck Election Services, scanned the 2D barcode on the marked ballot printout and were able to produce a ballot that could be optically scanned and included in the count. 

    Liked by Voters

    • 100% of voters would use the Everyone Counts ballot-access program again
    • 80% prefer Everyone Counts’ election solutions over previous voting experiences
    • 90% found Everyone Counts’ digital voting easy to use
    •  “This was the BEST voting system for an ‘out-of-county’ voter! I don’t have to be concerned that I won’t receive my ballot in time or that it will be received in Denver in time to be counted!”
    •  “Three cheers for Denver!”
    •  “This is the finest method of technology supporting politics I have experienced. Kudos to the team responsible for its development.”

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