Cook County, Illinois

Electronic ballot delivery
and marking system

Cook County, Illinois, selected Everyone Counts to implement a new, state-of-the-art electronic ballot delivery system for military service personnel and overseas voters. Traditional vote-by-mail had made it difficult for overseas ballots to make it back in time to be counted, so our solutions were deployed for the Presidential Primary Elections. For this election, military and overseas voters were able to go online to securely access and mark their ballots, prior to printing and returning by mail. 

Voters overseas and military voters adapted very quickly to Everyone Counts’ system. A number of voters cast their ballots within an hour of getting their email ballot.
— David Orr, Cook County, Illinois Clerk

Election Solutions Deployed

  • eLect® Remote Accessible Voting: Electronic ballot delivery and marking on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Transcriber™: Patent-pending automated ballot remaking technology.

Eligible Voters

Military and overseas voters (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act – UOCAVA)


  • Ensures full MOVE Act compliance
  • Electronic ballot delivery and automated remaking
  • Voters can access their ballot on any web-enabled device, such as computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Simple, easy-to-use online ballot user interface
  • HAVA-compliant solution to prevent voters from overvoting and alerting them to undervoting
  • Voters print and mail their ballot with a signed affidavit
    • Ballot is printed with Everyone Counts' patent-pending 2D barcode, which enables automated ballot remaking by leading ballot printing providers


    • Improved accessibility for military and overseas voters
    • Voters could use the web-device of their choice
    • Enabled checking of selections before printing
    • Simple file exports for eligible voter data
    • Transcriber replaced repetitive, manual, error-prone ballot remaking
    • Seamless integration with EMS and other election processes
    • Scalable and cost beneficial


    • 53% of requestors returned their ballots, compared to 11% in the 2010 Gubernatorial Primary, and 50% in the 2008 Presidential Primary
    • Accuracy improved, going from 92% of ballots counted in February 2008 to 99% in March 2012
    • Efficiently and effectively implemented from beginning to end

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