Chicago, Illinois

Electronic Ballot Delivery
and Marking System

The Chicago Election Board selected Everyone Counts to implement a new system to automate and simplify balloting for military and overseas voters. Using our online ballot delivery and marking system, Chicago’s military and overseas voters returned ballots at a 28.44% higher rate than the 2008 Primary Election. Everyone Counts’ patent-pending Transcriber™ ballot remaking technology was also successfully used, which allowed ballots to be automatically scanned and remade into optical scan-ready ballots. The process resulted in ballots that could then be quickly and officially counted.


We believe our new systems, which included an online system that emulates the touchscreen and a new set of pre-deadline reminders, are the reasons we saw a higher return rate from military and overseas voters. The higher return rate was noteworthy, because this 2012 Primary had fewer high-profile contests at the top of the ballot, and overall, much lower turnout than 2008.
— Chicago Election Board Chairman, Langdon D. Neal

Election Solutions Deployed

  • eLect® Remote Accessible Voting: Electronic ballot delivery and marking on any web-enabled device, including computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Transcriber™: Patent-pending automated ballot remaking technology. Ballots are printed with a 2D barcode so that leading ballot printing systems can scan and automatically reproduce an official ballot.

Eligible Voters

Military and overseas voters (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act – UOCAVA)


  • Ensures full MOVE Act compliance
  • Secure hosting and monitoring
  • Electronic ballot delivery and automated remaking
  • Voters could access their ballot on any web-enabled device, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Simple, intuitive online ballot user-interface
  • HAVA-compliant solution to prevent voters from overvoting and alert them to undervoting
  • Voters can review selections before printing the ballot
  • Voters print and mail their ballot along with a signed affidavit
  • Ballot is printed with Everyone Counts’ patent-pending 2D barcode, which enables automated ballot remaking by leading ballot printing systems
  • Full 24/7 support from Everyone Counts' experienced election administration professionals


  • Improved accessibility for military and overseas voters
  • Voters could use the web device of their choice and at any time during the election to access and mark their ballot
  • Electronic ballot marking enables checking review of selections before printing
  • Simple file exports for eligible voter data using existing systems and secure transfer protocols
  • Transcriber™ replaces repetitive, manual, error-prone ballot remaking with a system that ensures the ballot can be converted into a tabulation-ready ballot
  • Seamless integration with EMS and other election processes
  • Scalable and cost effective


  • Chicago’s military and overseas voters returned ballots at a 28.44% higher rate than the 2008 Primary Election
  • The military and overseas ballot-return rate was 65.17% for the 2012 Primary, up significantly from the ballot-return rate of 50.74% for the 2008 Primary Election
  • Efficiently and effectively implemented from beginning to end

Options for Expansion

This electronic voting solution offers the future option to be easily and seamlessly expanded to provide improved solutions for Voters with Disabilities, Absentee Voters, Voting Centers, and Poll Stations.

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