eLect® Voting Unit

Our patent-pending eLect Voting Units are a module option and are designed to encase your preferred commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) devices that run eLect. This provides a complete poll-center hardware solution that is easy for voters and election administrators to use.

eLect Voting Units can be locked down to run only a single application, limiting them to a designated use, such as for ballot delivery, marking, and printing. The designs are configured to allow the use of all approved capabilities on the devices, such as back-facing cameras for scanning 2D barcodes. We can also provide optional hardware to add extra security and maneuverability.



Flexible & Scalable

  • eLect Voting Units are lightweight and easy to transport, set up, and maneuver
  • Multiple configurations are available to provide the choice that best suits the needs of a particular election or location




  • Protected by secure locks
  • Cover and block access to all ports, allowing access only to those officials with permission
  • Voter authentication options include:
    • Login credentials
    • Magnetic stripe
    • Scanning a 2D barcode


Accessible & Private

  • Compliant with federal accessibility election laws and best practices
  • Voter privacy is ensured by adding screens or by integrating the units with existing voting booths



Cost Effective

  • Significantly lower ownership and individual component costs than voting machines
  • Storage, transportation, and replacement are easy and low cost

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