eLect® Voter Registration

eLect Voter Registration offers secure and flexible options to both administrators and voters. New or existing voters can select a registration method and then view, update, and validate their information. Election administrators with the appropriate roles and permissions can easily navigate the interface to view, update, and further validate information to align with third-party state and county data.

Voter Experience

Qualified voters can register or update from any location, using a mail-in registration form, telephone registration, or by using intuitive online election forms on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Voters can also check their polling location, view voting centers, and see hours of operation. 


Real-Time Updates

The voter registration database is continually updated to offer the highest level of participation with the least amount of burden. The initial voter data is first uploaded to the system, which checks for registration updates by both  voters and  administrators, including updates made on election day from a polling location. This flexibility ensures higher participation rates and results in higher levels of voter satisfaction.

The time has come for election systems to be accurate, timely, and secure without being complicated for the user. 


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Efficient Administration


District Management

Automated district remapping for voters affected by district and precinct changes


polling place.png

Polling Place Management

Manages polling place and poll worker information, including inventory and payroll


Candidate Filing

National Voter Registration Act reporting and voter file exporting by district and voter status


Petition Management

Track and validate petitions, track and manage rules, and provide random sampling



Increased Accessibility

  • Global access from any computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Longer registration window, including the ability to register up to election day
  • Compatible with assistive technology devices



Significantly Reduced Costs

  • Reduce administration costs due to error reduction
  • Less need for telephone or live support
  • Decrease postage, printing, and mailing costs
  • Hosted solutions decrease hardware and software maintenance costs


Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Manual entry and typographical errors eliminated
  • Duplicate registrations and disqualified registrants flagged and eliminated
  • Seamless cross-referencing and updating from third-party databases
  • Voter location changes, such as transfers between counties, are automatically communicated


Improved Audits and Reporting

  • Customizable reporting solutions across all locations
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • All system and user interactions are logged
  • Secure, fully auditable real-time data queries
  • Graphical representations of statistical data

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