eLect® Telephone Voting

Everyone Counts has developed an award-winning solution for voting via landline or mobile phone—eLect Telephone Voting. The solution is convenient and easy to use, particularly for those individuals with visual impairments, motor impairments, or with limited or no literacy, as well as for voters who do not have access to a computer.

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Key Benefits of eLect Telephone Voting

  • Universal access from a landline or mobile phone
  • Voter can register their vote selections with voice commands or by using the keypad
  • Compatible with assistive devices
  • Supports the use of a recorded natural, human voice in any language, not just text-to-speech, and can be configured to meet existing telephone accessibility standards
  • Accessible to those who do not have Internet access or the ability to vote in person
  • Increases voter participation among disabled and elderly populations
  • Voters can cast their ballot privately and independently
  • User friendly and convenient for all voters
  • Ability for voters to confirm selections before casting a ballot
  • Fewer voter errors while marking a ballot
  • Seamlessly integrates with other voting channels to offer a multichannel voting experience, allowing accurate and efficient vote tabulation


Case Study

eLect Telephone Voting and New South Wales, Australia

eLect Telephone Voting was a key part of the largest ever electronic voting in the world, in New South Wales, Australia, in the 2011 General Election. Everyone Counts deployed and seamlessly integrated eLect Electronic Voting and Telephone Voting solutions, providing the same voter and ballot data and results. These convenient voting options resulted in a sixfold increase in the number of voters with disabilities casting their vote, successfully demonstrating how accessibility and participation can be greatly improved in a cost-effective manner.

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