Quad Audit™

The most transparent and auditable
voting system in the world


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eLect® Quad Audit™ is the first perpetually state-of-the-art voting and tabulation system. It sets the standard for ease of use today, in addition to being fully compatible with evolving technologies and legislation. eLect® Quad Audit™ is uniquely available as either a Direct Record Electronics (DRE) or optical scan solution and includes a vote by mail component.

The most transparent and auditable voting system in the world, eLect® Quad Audit™ generates four audit trails that prove transparency, efficiency and accessibility.

Future-proof configurability

Regardless of legislative changes or other requirements in your jurisdiction—whether a DRE or optical scan state—we can facilitate your voting requirements today as well as every election in the future. eLect® Quad Audit™ marks the end of end-of-life for voting systems.


eLect® Quad Audit™ uses uniform ballots and universally accessible ballot marking devices to solve the dilemma of having different voting systems for different voter population requirements.



Our FastPass voting system allows voters to educate themselves on candidates and issues at their own pace, mark their sample ballot electronically and print those selections as a private, secure barcode. By scanning the barcode in the FastPass lane at your polling place, you can submit your pre-selected candidates, speed up the on-site voting process and reduce long lines at the polls. Voters can completely skip lines by simply scanning their barcode to submit their ballots.



Open Code Advantage™ allows for an independent review of our voting system software, providing an unprecedented layer of transparency and security.


Other prominent features of Quad Audit™:

  • Future-proof SaaS-based platform that will always be compatible with evolving technology
  • COTS hardware that is cost efficient and requires little maintenance
  • Intuitive user interface is easy for voters and administrators
  • A legislation-proof blend of optical scan and DRE, which increases the level of confidence in election results
  • The end of end-of-life for voting systems