Professional Services

With a world-class team of experts in both election administration and technology, Everyone Counts is in a unique position to provide all of your support needs. Our suite of professional services include providing you with expert advice, recommendations, and plans, through to managing all or some of your election processes, using the best practices gained from our experience in supporting thousands of successful elections.

Elections Administration & Technology Consulting

Count On Us

We provide professional election administration and voting consulting services to organizations around the world. Our competencies enable us to collaborate with our clients to assess needs and to identify and bring knowledge of best practices to elections. Our consulting services can focus on a specific election process, such as voter registration, absentee voting, or auditing, and can address a complete end-to-end electronic voting solution.

Customer Service Support

Call Center, Help Desk, and Email

Customer support needs have changed significantly over the past decade. Excellent customer service support, in the form of call centers, help desks, and email communications are now essential for a fully successful election—for administrators and for voters. We operate first-rate call centers, help desks, and email services, built on a thorough understanding of the unique nature of elections and the specific needs of voters. 

Project Management

Election Administration

Our award-winning project management team has proven skills and capabilities to deliver projects on time and on budget, and has nearly two decades of experience doing so in the elections industry. Our elections experience for projects of all sizes and complexities have resulted in project management methodologies that are tested and proven. This is delivered through our class-leading professional services team’s “best-of-breed” project management and risk management methodologies, communication, stakeholder management experience, quality assurance processes, and election compliance expertise. 


Election Administrators, Poll Workers, and Voters

We have developed support-training modules and programs for every aspect of an election. Our skilled training resources include in-person group or one-on-one training, as well as e-training.

Our solutions can help improve skill levels, as well as successfully transition from manual and time-consuming processes to modern, improved election administration and voting methods. Our training modules, tailored to match your exact requirements, are a powerful tool for administrators to manage and communicate with administrators and poll workers to create smart, engaging, and effective training and assessments that will result in positive productivity.

Voter Engagement

eLect® provides a digital publishing platform to help election administrators manage all traditional and social media communication to voters. We provide technical and promotional support to develop and manage highly effective voter outreach. eLect for voter engagement is an easy-to-use and efficient integration tool to help leverage digital media and increase voter engagement.

To learn more about eLect®, contact us today.