eLect® Portable Voting Center

When faced with natural disasters, last-minute surges in registration, poll center consolidation, continuously growing lines, or hard-to-reach remote voters, the eLect Portable Voting Center is the answer. Each portable case provides instant access for private, secure, and accessible voting. Long lines, inaccessible polling sites, and areas without access for remote voters can now be barriers of the past.

The eLect Portable Voting Center is stored and transported inside of a 22" (L) x 14" (W) x 9" (H) case, made of crush-proof hard plastic. Each unit is watertight and equipped with two wheels and a retractable, telescoping handle. To protect internal circuitry, each unit is custom fit with industrial-grade foam. The cases can easily be stacked, loaded, and unloaded and require little assembly to begin operation. 

portable voting center.png

Optional Components

  • Assistive technology devices
  • Printer for paper trail
  • Dedicated server for offline use*
  • Multiple connectivity options

* The dedicated server may be used to tabulate independently or to transmit to a secure central server.

Prepared for Every Scenario


Hospitals &
Nursing Homes

Immobile voters

Voters needing additional time and assistance

isolated locations.png


Rural areas

Military theaters

Peace workers

Submarines, ships, mines, oil platforms


emergency displacement.png


Natural disasters

Inclement weather

Refugee camps

Emergency workers


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