eLect® Poll Book

One click check-in and
poll station management

Everyone Counts leverages the power of perpetually state-of-the-art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies and COTS hardware to deliver a unique electronic poll book solution.

eLect incorporates robust automation to replace manual, error-prone processes, requires fewer clicks increasing transaction speed, and provides industry-leading security to protect sensitive voter data.

  • Flexible tablet or touchscreen laptop implementation
  • Split precinct, vote center, and same day registration-ready
  • Near real-time syncing when implemented in a connected state
  • Scalable up to 25,000,000 voters; 50,000 devices; and 15,000 locations

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Approachable Technology for All Experience Levels

Minimal hardware makes for easy Poll Book setup—poll workers need only power on the device and log in to access the entire system. The intuitive nature of the interface requires less training and offers ease of use for poll workers with diverse backgrounds and levels of computer literacy.


Reduce Costly Provisional Ballot Processing

With the ability to swiftly search for all voters within the database—beyond the voting location, eLect Poll Book redirects Voters to the correct Poll Station to reduce, or even eliminate, the expense of provisional ballot processing. 


Centralized Administration 

Centralized deployment, configuration, and automated upload/export of data features simplify and organize administration duties. Election Administrators with connected devices see real-time data across all Poll Books, including voter metrics, battery status, and field broadcast messages.


Capture Intelligent Data for Future Strategy Development

eLect Poll Book offers reporting details previous unavailable with paper poll books. Granular reporting capabilities offer powerful analytics for adjustments to enhance the voter experience, save money, and secure your Poll Station. 


Expertise and Technology Deliver Success From Day One

The eLect Poll Book’s project management team utilizes tested and proven project management methodologies, engaging and effective training courses and documentation, and reliable help desk and escalation procedures. Election administrators with experience from projects of all sizes and complexities available are remotely and in the field to ensure initial and continuing success.


Robust Training and
Documentation Program


Election Day Quick
Reference Guides


On-call Email and
Telephone Help Desk


On-site and
Field Support


Multi-layered Command Center is specifically tailored to administer and monitor devices during elections, providing:

  • Aggregate and detailed metrics including turnout, peak time periods, processing times, and voter types
  • Poll station open/close, synchronization, location, battery, and tabulator equipment status monitoring
  • Audit events and alerts with user-defined parameters.



  • Optimal synchronization across and within voting locations
  • Higher processing speeds to prevent volume degradation
  • Online or offline and inter-poll station networking capability
  • NoSQL data structure allowing horizontal scalability and distributed load


  • Powerful import/export tools
  • Automated data set normalization
  • Public-facing strike off and participation portal to ease legislative requirements for party representatives
  • Automated database distribution and syncing to poll books


  • FIPS-compliant security
  • 2048-bit encryption storage
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) transmission/communications
  • Automatic database replication and data recovery
  • Multiple role permissions offer unlimited flexibility in the level of audit data

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