eLect® Electronic Poll Book

Save Money. Save Time.


User Friendly from Start to Finish

Painless, effortless, intuitive

Minimal hardware makes for the easiest possible setup process—poll workers need only power on the device and login to access the entire system. Additionally, administrators may easily load fully customizable voter profiles containing traditional fields, such as driver's licenses, photos, and scanned images of signatures.



Configured For You

Flexible to your unique requirements

The eLect Electronic Poll Book is not a “one size fits all” product. With the highest flexibility in the industry, as laws, rules, and processes change, so can your poll book.

Optional add-ons include:

  • Portable battery powered printers
  • All-in-one carrying cases
  • Device enclosures
  • Magstripe readers

Digital Signature Capture for Voter Authentication.

Features and Benefits of eLect® Electronic Poll Book

  • Electronic voter data retrieval eliminates poll book printing costs
  • Seamless integration eases poll worker transition
  • Real-time roster and voter status decreases number of provisional ballots
  • Digital or wet signature capture smooths voter authentication process
  • Same day voter registration increases voter turnout
  • Google Map integration assists poll workers in redirecting voters
  • Intuitive interface guides poll workers through each task and decreases technical support call volumes

Buyer's Worksheet

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Voter Data Has Never Been Safer

Where is your data?

Other vendors in today’s market rely upon third-party cloud storage solutions for storing sensitive voter data, but we maintain our own dedicated, state-of-the-art election data centers to eliminate security risks and protect data from unauthorized access and changes.

Your voter data is encrypted and secured.

Your voter data is encrypted and secured.


Administrators have remote control of all Poll Book devices.

Administrators have remote control of all Poll Book devices.

Remote Configuration, Monitoring, and Wiping

Offering you peace of mind

Our solution uniquely provides layer upon layer of security, such as an optional Mobile Device Manager (MDM), which enables administrators to monitor all Poll Book devices from a centralized, web-based portal.



Perpetually State of the Art

Secure software, protected hardware

eLect provides customers with robust security features, continual upgrades, and the highest available security standards for the Electronic Poll Book software and recommended hardware devices.

Poll Book software is automatically and securely upgraded.

Poll Book software is automatically and securely upgraded.


Ensuring Successful Electronic Poll Book Implementations


Hardware Logistic and Implementation


Data Management
and Transfer


Handling Same Day Voter
Registration and Updates

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