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The only future-proof end-to-end election platform in the industry, Everyone Counts’ eLect® delivers the highest level of security and simplicity with intuitive design. The Software as a Service platform delivers modular components for Voter Registration, Election Administration, Electronic Poll Book, Voting, Tabulation as well as Election Night Reporting. With one platform you can administer all of your election needs.


eLect® Voter Registration

Intuitive auto-complete search, electronic poll book integration, advanced and customizable reporting, dashboards and calendar to better manage tasks and communication.


eLect® Administration

Create ballots and a contest framework, generate reports and manage the election cycle with eLect® Administration's intuitively designed election management system.


eLect® Electronic Poll Book

Manage an entire precinct, split precincts or voting centers with real-time authentication, staffing and inventory management through a unified tablet-based poll station management system.


eLect® Quad Audit™

Combining adaptable software with commercially off-the-shelf hardware, eLect® Quad Audit™ is the only legislation-proof voting and tabulation system with four (4) audit trails that accommodates DRE, optical scan and vote by mail features and benefits today and into the future.


eLect® Election Night Reporting

Provide the public and media with real-time results, interactive maps and personalized voter display on any device—from PCs to tablets and mobile phones.

Platform Benefits

  • Implementation and configuration flexibility
  • Reduced initial investment and total cost of ownership
  • Allows jurisdictions to seamlessly adopt additional integrated modules
  • Multi-user access and permission-based roles
  • User interface and experience design increases productivity, reduces errors and creates clear workflow management

Election Management



Guides election officials through every step of the election creation process.


Ballot layout and design

Provides a simplified method of defining new ballot styles and layouts using a single interface with menus, prompts and simple point-and-click procedures for all election-specific parameters.


Results and reporting

Provides pre-election, diagnostic, audit and tabulation result reports.