NASS '14 Winter Conference

eLect™ is compatible with any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Election Solutions Private Demonstrations

The Everyone Counts team is pleased to demonstrate eLect at this year's National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Winter Conference. Everyone Counts has brought together software as a service (SaaS) technology and election administration expertise to develop eLect™—The Next Generation Election Administration and Voting System.







Recommendation from the American Voting Experience

The Presidential Commission on Election Administration has recommended replacing antiquated voting systems with state-of-the-art, software-based election administration and voting tools — available now only with eLect.

Election Solutions Include:

Electronic Poll Book

The innovative real-time Electronic Poll Book makes finding and authenticating voters faster and easier than using traditional paper poll books.


Express Voting

Eliminate long lines by significantly reducing voting times and provide voters more time to spend on their choices while securely preserving voter privacy.


Poll Station Voting

eLect™ HAVA-compliant ballot marking is faster and more accurate than paper ballots alone, far less expensive than single-purpose voting machines, and easily set up by non-technical personnel. 

Military and Overseas Voting

Enfranchise UOCAVA voters with eLect’s ballot delivery and marking solution while eliminating postal outbound ballot delivery problems and giving servicemen and women ample time to vote.


Absentee Voting

eLect™ provides a superior alternative traditional absentee voting. Quickly, easily, accurately, and securely manage absentee voting in an election, at a much lower cost.


Election Administration

A full suite of election administration modules that can be managed easily and efficiently. eLect Administration provides access to securely manage and monitor your election.


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National Association of Secretaries of State
2014 Winter Conference

February 12th - February 15th in Washington, DC


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