Our Mission

Secure. Transparent. Perpetually State of the Art™.

Everyone Counts has uniquely built a team of industry-leading, internationally recognized election administration, computer security, and usability experts to bring modern election administration and voting systems to election officials. We have achieved this by using technologies, processes, and best practices that have been proven in other mission-critical industries throughout the world for decades. Our eLect® voting solution allows election administrators to cost-effectively ensure that every person in every democracy or membership organization in the world with the right to vote can easily do so privately, independently, and securely—and with full confidence that their vote is counted.

Our Vision

“Everyone Counts”

Everyone Counts is leading the transformation of elections worldwide—from expensive, antiquated purpose-built hardware-based systems and error-prone manual and paper processes, to a state-of-the-art software as a service (SaaS) model. Our unique combination of proven technologies and deep election administration and voting expertise are raising the standard for election systems. Our global market leadership will result in increased accessibility and improved accuracy for all elections, as well as enhanced security, increased auditability, and significant cost savings. SaaS-based sustainable, scalable efficiencies for election administration and voting are bringing continual innovation and driving customer and voter satisfaction.