Everyone Counts featured in San Diego Magazine's 25 BIG Ideas

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By Erin Chambers Smith, Kimberly Cunningham, and Archana Ram | Photography by Jacqueline Campbell

Below is an excerpt from San Diego Magazine's 25 BIG Ideas feature in the January 2015 issue:

San Diego should bring voting into the 21st century.

Lori Steele Contorer, founder, chairman, and CEO, Everyone Counts

Lori Steele Contorer

Lori Steele Contorer

“A secure software voting solution can increase participation and access to voters. At the same time, it can increase security while cutting the cost nearly in half. If you think about things like the mayoral special election, which cost more than $5 million, there are plenty of reasons for San Diego to move quickly for modernizing voting.” An expert in election modernization, Steele Contorer is at the helm of Everyone Counts, whose software solutions are bringing sophisticated and secure online voting systems to more than 165 countries. In 2014, her company ran more than 600 elections for U.S. governments, continued working with the Oscar ballot system, and launched online voting for the Emmys, all of which saw an increased voter turnout.