eLect® Electronic Voting

eLect—The Next Generation Election Administration and Voting System—can be integrated to serve a specific voter population, such as absentee or UOCAVA voters, or election officials may choose to seamlessly transition all  voters at once. Our electronic voting systems are HAVA compliant and empower voters with usability and flexibility at a significantly reduced cost. Each of our voting solutions add the additional benefit of increasing accessibility, security, and auditability.


Universally Accessible HAVA-Compliant Ballots


ballot marking.png

Ballot Submission Options

eLect offers the flexibility of multiple simultaneous ballot submission methods and provides accurate, risk-limiting audits (RLAs) for each voting system component. Each option has the capacity for ballot tracking and disaster recovery, and includes an option for automated ballot remaking for UOCAVA ballots.


ballot with text.png

Paper Ballots with Text

ballot image.png

Encrypted Electronic Ballot Images

2d barcode.png

Paper Ballots with QR/2D Barcode

ballot data.png

Encrypted Electronic Ballots



Increased Access

  • Unrivaled in usability and universal accessibility
  • Compatible with assistive technology devices
  • HAVA-compliant absentee voting
  • Additional language support
  • Audio ballots available



Enhanced Security and Auditability

  • Military-grade encryption of each ballot
  • Military-grade encryption of the entire electronic ballot box
  • Redundant data centers with geo-failover and 24/7 monitoring
  • Open Code Advantage™ ensures transparency
  • Quad Audit™ enables dual paper trails and dual electronic trails


Reduced Costs

  • Hardware neutral
  • Eliminates expensive, purpose-built voting machines
  • Fully sustainable and perpetually state of the art
  • Never reaches “end of life”
  • Automates ballot remaking
  • Reduces or eliminates postal costs
  • Reduces or eliminates advance ballot printing costs


Improved Accuracy

  • Usability enhancements decrease voter-marking errors
  • Eliminates overvoting and warns of undervoting
  • Eliminates manual ballot remaking errors
  • Eliminates the need to interpret voter intent


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