Electronic Poll Book

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As the election industry’s leading innovator, Everyone Counts has tailored the eLect® Electronic Poll Book to meet two of the greatest challenges for election officials—streamlining poll worker administration and speeding up voter check-in. The platform’s features go well beyond other electronic poll book solutions on the market to reduce the administrative burden on poll station workers through:

  • Split precinct and vote-center readiness
  • Loading voters within minutes
  • Real-time scrolling roster
  • Key metrics dashboard
  • Pay vouchers
  • Digitizing poll worker documentation
  • Overnight voter record updates to your database

Benefits of eLect® Electronic Poll Book include:

  • Cost savings
  • Easily redirect voters to the correct polling place
  • Reduce the number of provisional ballots
  • Eliminate hours of intensive manual labor during peak election times
  • Increase audit logs
  • Improve accuracy in voter records

Painless Configuration

Securely manage voter data from one centralized portal. The system automatically identifies and downloads the correct voter data and signature files.


Ease of Use

Tablets used for electronic poll books are familiar to the general population, inherently easy to use for any age or demographic and are configured prior to delivery, eliminating manual processes.


Instant Profile Retrieval

Instantly retrieve a voter profile for verification by scanning an identification card or performing a search using customizable criteria.


Seamless Voter Authentication

Tablet enclosure swivels toward the voter for digital signature capture. Signature comparison can be done side-by-side or captured through a handheld printer.

Digital Signature Capture for Voter Authentication.

Centralized Administration

When in a connected state, Election Administrators monitor all electronic poll books including voter check-in list, voter turnout, geofencing information, battery status, and the ability to broadcast messages.


Data Protection

Rich with security features throughout the interface and underlying architecture.

Poll Station Management

Offers election administrators unique poll station management features to increase efficiency.

Redirect Lost Voters

Provides the address, directions and, when in a connected state, a Google Map to the correct polling place can be sent directly to the voter’s smartphone for easy access.