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eLect® Electronic Ballot Delivery and Return brings remote voting into the 21st century. Whether for Uniformed and Overseas Citizen Absentee Voting or general absentee, Everyone Counts raises the bar for security, independence, privacy and usability for any voter.

Setting the standard for remote, private, secure and more accurate ways to vote

The challenge of those serving in the armed forces and living overseas to register, receive ballots and return an accurate ballot in time for tabulation is alleviated with eLect®. Furthermore, there is no longer a need for our military to disenfranchised about their vote counting with eLect®.

Instant worldwide access

No matter where they are in the world, military and overseas voters can securely access their unique ballot from any internet device.

CAC Integration

Military members can use their Common Access Card (CAC) to immediately register, submit an absentee voter form and receive their county specific ballot conveniently and securely. The system reduces the voting cycle time from more than 60 days to less than five minutes.


Voters with Disabilities

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Everyone Counts provides the highest standard for easy-to-use and universally-accessible voting systems for all voters. Our secure and accessible digital absentee ballots mean this population can vote privately and independently from home just like everyone else.

Adaptive technology compatible

Voters with disabilities can utilize common assistive technology, enabling them to vote independently and privately, often for the first time.

Independent and private

Empowers voters with disabilities or visually impaired to cast their ballot anonymously and without assistance. Further, eLect® increases accuracy by preventing overvoting, alerting to undervoting and providing the opportunity to review one’s ballot before submission.

Disenfranchised Voters

When faced with emergency displacement, natural disasters or hard-to-reach remote voters, eLect® provides instant access to private, secure and accessible voting.

Emergency displacement

Voters unable to visit a polling center due to inclement weather or natural disaster may instantly access their ballot.


Voter populations living in geographically isolated locations are guaranteed secure and reliable return of their ballots.

Hospitals and nursing homes

Immobile voters and those that need additional time or assistance benefit from our integration with assistive devices and real-time error-checking.

Flexible Return Options

Every jurisdiction is different and may require customized return options based on local law and procedures. eLect® can be configured to offer the following return options:

Electronic ballot package

Voters can access, mark, digitally sign and submit their ballot and affidavits to their local office for tabulation.


Voters can access their fully HAVA-compliant ballot and mark their ballot online to print and return.

Blank ballot delivery

Allows voters to access their ballots anywhere in the world to print and mark by hand.

Ballot Address Locator (BAL)

Instead of mailing credentials to all voters, eligible voters can access their ballot by entering their residential address. Voters use their address of record to access their specific ballot style. Using BAL saves you time and money while providing access to a secure digital ballot for even the most remote of voters.

Automated Ballot Remaking

eLect® records marked ballot selections in a patented 2D barcode that is printed on the ballot alongside the choices. When scanned, Transcriber™ creates a tabulation-ready ballot using a ballot-on-demand printer. This automation allows ballots to be quickly and accurately remade and officially counted.